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Unearned Revenue and Subscription Revenue

Thursday, December 23rd 2021.

unearned revenue example

It becomes revenue only when the company has completed all those activities that have been agreed between the parties for that deal. Therefore, the pre-payment is no more revenue earned until the business supplies the goods or services to the customer. Hence, it would remain a liability and can not find a place in the income statement and will continue to remain a part of the current liability. Unearned revenueliability arises when payment is received from customers before the unearned revenue services are rendered or goods are delivered to them. According to revenue recognition principle of accounting, an inflow of cash from customers or clients can’t be regarded as revenue until the underlying goods or services are actually provided to them. Usually you pay for a 12-month magazine subscription upfront, but you don’t actually receive all of the magazines right away. This is considered unearned income to the company until it delivers all 12 months of magazines.

  • For compliance with the matching concept, both the seller and the buyer record the first part of the sale event, as it occurs, with two journal entries.
  • Unearned revenue is most common among companies selling subscription-based products or other services that require prepayments.
  • Consequently, when companies accept deposits or advance payments, they should record them as unearned revenues at the time of the receipt.
  • It is a liability because even though a company has received payment from the customer, the money is potentially refundable and thus not yet recognized as revenue.
  • With the prepayment from a client or customer, it is expected that the goods or services will be fulfilled at a later date, typically within the year.

Unearned revenue is a liability that gets created on the balance sheet when your company receives payment in advance. You can think of it like a promise or IOU to provide a product or service at a later date. Despite the name, unearned revenue isn’t a type of revenue that shows up on your income statement.

Subscription services

Identify the contract with a customer – All parties must approve and accept the payment terms and agree on the goods or services that will be provided. Learn the definition of unearned revenue and how to calculate unearned revenue with the help of relevant examples.

A client purchases a package of 20 person training sessions for $2000, or $100 per session. The personal trainers enters $2000 as a debit to cash and $2000 as a credit to unearned revenue. Unearned revenue is great for a small business’s cash flow as the business now has the cash required to pay for any expenses related to the project in the future, according to Accounting Tools. Deferred revenue is an advance payment for products or services that are to be delivered or performed in the future. Unearned revenue can provide clues into future revenue, although investors should note the balance change could be due to a change in the business.

Customized financial statements

Thus, the business can concentrate on the core business operations instead of worrying and managing cash flow fluctuations regularly. Instead, the business can deploy this advance cash received gainfully and earn interest or get cash discounts from the vendors. Why then does your pre-paid membership create a liability for the company? If the gym burned down in May and you could no longer go to the gym, the company would be “liable” to you for the remaining 7 months of membership dues that you paid for but did not get to use. Successful branding is why the Armani name signals style, exclusiveness, desirability.

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In these situations, the buyer can pay for these services ahead of actually receiving them. When someone buys an airline ticket, they do not receive their product right away.

Reporting Unearned Revenue

Unearned revenue is treated as a short- or long-term liability on a company’s balance sheet, based on the nature of the entry and underlying business contract. This type of adjusting entry will be adjusted by another entry as and when the revenue will be earned to recognize revenue and offset the deferred revenue.

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